Get Ready, Set, SHOP! Tips for Black Friday Shopping

Main Aisle, Macy's 1st Floor, Black Friday

Main Aisle, Macy’s 1st Floor, Black Friday (Photo credit: LarimdaME)

As we are quickly approaching Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Union State Bank wants to remind you of some important tips when you are out and about after your Thanksgiving feast.  Below are tips to help you save money, protect your identity, and hopefully enjoy your time shopping. 

  1. Do your homework.  Have a plan of what you need and where you can find the item at the lowest price.
  2. Shop on Thanksgiving Day.  Although this has been controversial, there may be some deals that are too good to pass up on Thanksgiving Day.  Retail stores are doing whatever they can to beat the competition for sales. 
  3. Secure your purchases.  Place items you purchase in the trunk of your car or out of view of a thief. 
  4. Guard your cash & credit cards.  With the large number of people in stores, it is very easy for someone to grab a purse and flee.  Keep your cash and credit cards in your front pants pocket. 
  5. Charge your cell phone.  If you are shopping with a group, this is a must.  Also keep your phone in your pants pocket…especially a smart phone that has personal data on it.
  6. Know the return policy.  Some items purchased on Black Friday have a more strict return policy.  Be sure you know what the policy is.
  7. Get a gift receipt.  Face it, you won’t be able to make everyone happy with his or her gift.  A gift receipt makes it easier for the individual to return the item and get what he or she wants.
  8. Stick to your budget.  Don’t overspend this holiday season.  Make a budget and stick to it. 
  9. Avoid the crowds.  If you can do without the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, consider shopping online.  Most stores offer Black Friday deals online beginning Thanksgiving Day.
  10. Use Coupons.  Many stores offer free shipping with online purchases.  You may also be able to find other online coupons to lower your total bill. 
  11. Use your smartphone.  There are apps designed for Black Friday.  Explore these apps as they may be useful for your shopping experience. 
  12. Know what to buy.  Certain items are actually less expensive at other times of the year.  Examples are higher end electronics and jewelry. 
  13. If the Grinch strikes.  If you happen to lose your credit or debit card, contact your financial institution immediately.  Delaying this could leave you liable for unauthorized charges!

Happy Shopping!


About Union State Bank

Honesty, integrity, commitment; hometown values that are our way of doing business. At Union State Bank our mission is to be the preferred, locally owned bank committed to providing exceptional service to achieve long lasting customer relationships. The Union State Bank has been serving the banking needs of our community since 1911, when the Farmers and Merchants State Bank was formed in Kewaunee, Wisconsin. The Bank’s slogan was "A Bank of the People, By the People and For the People - A Bank For All The People," and invited the community "if you are not a customer, become one, and we assure you that your interests will be protected in every legitimate manner." In 1934 the Farmers and Merchants State Bank consolidated with the Dairyman’s State Bank, which was located across the street, and the Union State Bank was formed. It was reported in the local paper that "The union of two banks is particularly for the benefit of depositors. All the experience, ability and training gained through many years of banking service is combined here primarily for your protection. The confidence that has been cultivated over past years is now being strengthened." We have continued to grow through the years, and slogans used include "Union State Bank, where rail and water meet" and "Union State Bank, the bank and a half, we give you our all and then some." We currently have four locations. We have two offices located in Kewaunee, Wisconsin which is along the shores of Lake Michigan, approximately 20 miles east of Green Bay. We also have an office in Green Bay, Wisconsin and an office in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Our main office is located at 223 Ellis Street in Kewaunee. Our second Kewaunee location was established in 1996 and is in the Piggly Wiggly grocery store. Our Green Bay office was established in 1987 and in September of 1999 we completed an addition to that location. In April 2004 we opened our office in Two Rivers. Originally situated inside the Pick 'n Save grocery store, the Two Rivers office was relocated to a brand new building at 2221 Lincoln Avenue on April 21, 2009. We have certainly grown and changed over years, but one thing remains constant - our commitment to our customers. We are proud to be the only independent bank in Kewaunee, which allows us the ability to offer a wide array of services that are designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. We offer full-service banking from an experienced, dedicated staff of full-time employees. We still believe in the "personal touch," and enjoy getting to know our customers. Even though we are a small, locally owned bank, we offer the latest in technology services, including our website and 24-hour account access via our "Union Access" line. We are proud of our long history of high-quality, personalized service, and invite you to become a customer of Union State Bank. See how "We Make the Difference" for you.
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